Designated Driver Philadelphia|Phila|Philadelphia 19106

Designated Driver Philadelphia|DUI|Philadelphia Designated Drivers 19106

Designated Driver Philadelphia DUI 19106 19123 19176

Designated Driver Philadelphia 19106 19123 Driver Service 19176 Phila PA

Designated Driver Philadelphia 19106 19123 19176 Phila
Designated Driver Philadelphia 19106 19123 19176 Philly
Designated Driver Service Philadelphia Testimonials
What people are saying about the Designated Driver Service in Philadelphia and South Jersey
The buzz about town about our designated driver service.

Let me start off by saying this is such an amazing concept. I just heard about them about a month ago from a friend who swears by them so I thought I would try them out. Called them and they came to pick me up within minutes. The driver was very nice and polite and really knew what he was doing ( I was very skeptical because I drive a 2010 Jeep manual). They got me home safe, only cost me about $40 (usually about $50 with a cab) and my car got home too. So amazing you guys ROCK! Woke up the next day feeling hungover but happy that my car was in my driveway ready to go. Lifetime customer right here, see you guys next weekend.


2 Drunk Drivers is such a great idea. About a month ago a friend of mine gave me their business card and told me about what they do. I thought it was too good to be true. The next night I gave them a call from Delaware Avenue, they picked me up about 15 minutes later and did exactly what they say they do... they drove me home in my car, right into my driveway. I've been a customer ever since and they've never let me down.


My advice is to use these guys! I know I will use them again and again in the future.


I used 2 Drunk Drivers to pick up myself, my friends, and my car after a night of drinks and dancing for my birthday. I didn't choose 2 Drunk Drivers over other designated driver services for any specific reason. When I called to ask if they accepted reservations, the guy I spoke with was friendly and funny. Both of those traits are a winner so I made my reservation later online. The best thing about 2 Drunk Drivers is that your car comes with you. So you don't have to get up the next day and go get your car, hoping that it didn't get broken into or towed during the night. 2 Drunk Drivers has a pickup fee of $30 + $2.50 per mile (comparable to other designated driver services). They also have a membership that includes unlimited pick ups for the year so all you pay are the mileage costs.


The cost for 2 Drunk Drivers is a lot more reasonable than a taxi, especially when you start adding your friends to the ride home. And if you've never had a DUI, ask someone who has - it ain't cheap. Hiring 2 Drunk Drivers is a lot cheaper and a lot easier on your conscience.


It sucks being the designated driver, but someone has to do it. Better it be someone whose business it is to do it than one of my wonderful, yet likely to drink one too many, friends.


I have used this service at least eight times in the last few months. It is outstanding. the drivers are friendly, patient, and keep you updated on their arrival time. It is not an enormous company, so there's usually a 20 minutes wait, but they send you text messages to update you on their arrival. Which is awesome if, for example, you're in a very loud bar and/ or forget you called a cab and order another drink.


This is an awesome safe-ride! An alternate to taking a cab! Nothing is worth risking driving even after a drink or two. They safely get you And your car home so you don't have to pay taxi prices or have the hassle of going to pick up your car the next day. I work late hours because of my profession and its always the best choice, hands down. I'll recommend this company to just about anyone. I live close to my job so it's never expensive to get home. The drivers are all really nice and I never feel creeped out when it's a guy driving me unlike some cabs around the area. Try it guys!


This service is awesome! So much better than a cab.


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